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Themed Funerals

Celebrate the unique life of your loved one with a service tailored personally to their character, interests or lifestyle. Our award-winning team will work alongside you in a compassionate manner to help create a personalised themed funeral. We can accommodate a broad range of ideas and will do our utmost to fulfil any requests you may have. Some possibilities you may choose to include are:

  • A fully bespoke coffin, with any image or aesthetic of your choice — possibly depicting an interest or hobby
  • A motorcycle hearse
  • A fire engine, lorry or London red bus
  • A theme, such as military or police — complete with special outfits
  • A burial at sea
  • The inclusion of a piper or a singer
  • The release of doves or the inclusion of other animals
  • Burial in your own back garden
  • A special event post-service

Funerals are not just for saying goodbye, they are also for celebrating life. These special funerals do just that and often make for a memorable occasion.

Button & Family are a leading provider of funerals services in Chatham, Gillingham and the rest of Medway. To hear more about our themed funerals or any of our extensive services, contact us today or give us a call on 01634 813989

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