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Funeral Pre-Planning

Death is the only certainty in life, and while we’re all naturally inclined to push it out of our minds, preparing for the event in advance can help relieve the stress for your loved ones at an exceedingly difficult time.

In partnership with Golden Charter, Button & Family offer funeral pre-planning services to organise your passing in advance. By pre-planning your funeral with us, you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that your friends and family will be able to say goodbye to you in a loving way, without having to worry about the detail or financial costs involved.

We offer a number of set plans and a personalised service that celebrates your individuality. Knowing you designed the funeral yourself can often elevate the spirit of the service and those who attend. It will feel as though you are giving your loved ones a final goodbye —  just as much as they are saying goodbye to you.

Button & Family are an award-winning, family-run funeral service that operate in Chatham, Gillingham, Medway and beyond. Our expert team will work with you compassionately to plan for a funeral, present or future. For more information about our prearranged funeral services or to ask any questions, call us on 01634 813989 or contact us today.

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